Welcome to Art of Almost

Hey! You made it!

It’s great to see you.

I like that [nondescript thing] you’ve done with your [face/hair/clothes]. And that is one helluva handshake. You don’t see that in most [men/women] these days.

Oh, palm-meets-forehead, where are my manners? Come in, come in, and welcome to my humble, unfurnished corner of the internet. Here’s a spare key so you can come and go as you please.

I suppose the polite thing to do would be to offer you your favourite beverage, [holy water/toucan milk], and we’ll talk a little about what I want to do here.

Comfortable? Good. Let’s get serious.


After an exorbitant amount of deliberating, I’ve decided to channel my thoughts and opinions into something constructive. Art of Almost will be my personal blog, wherein I will shoot the shit about writing and my many other interests (like, well, um … writing. And windsurfing! … No, mostly writing). However, my ‘mission statement’, if I can use such an officious term, is to entertain, inform, share and just generally connect with a like-minded audience.


So, like-minded audience who I presume is listening, here’s a little about myself to get us started: I’m Tom O’Connell, a twenty-something aspiring writer who lives in Melbourne, Australia. On a good day, I am cynical, sarcastic and a touch self-deprecating. But don’t worry, I’m also passionate and love to tell bad jokes. Sensitive spleen and/or hate to laugh? Don’t despair because I am always down for a serious intellectual discussion (or three).


Aside from filling all my mental space with useless facts about bands, I’m mad about what I like to call The Three F’s: film, fiction and fideo fames (little funny there for you). Because I’m a glutton for most things pop culture, I try to remain semi-knowledgeable about the music, publishing and video game industries. (I must confess I don’t know jack about the film industry, but I can discern the difference between The Human Centipede II and, say, a good film.)

I may, on occasion, succumb to posting how I feel (read: ranting) about particular social issues but, as I’m not politically minded, I doubt this will happen often.

Finally, it’s worth mentioning that I always bring objectivity to any critical writing I do. If an opinion courts controversy, I’m more than happy to engage in a good old-fashioned sword fight debate, so long as it’s respectful.

Well, that’s me. I hope we can be friendemies.


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