Worth Checking Out: Flash! Friday Micro Fiction Community

Flash fiction has always interested me. This could be because I’m a naturally verbose writer (see: every post I’ve written to date). To me, short short fiction has always seemed elusive and challenging. My attempts at it feel more like disposable exercises than fully formed pieces with arcs and merit.

Indeed, writing good flash or micro fiction requires a very specific skill set. So to get some much-needed practice, I’ve decided to join Flash! Friday, a flourishing flash fiction writing community.

It’s pretty simple: every Friday morning a prompt is given via Twitter and the Flash! Friday blog. Writers then have twenty-four hours to conceive a seventy-five word response and share it in the comment section of the blog, or by using the #FlashFridayFic hash tag.

Every entry is read and assessed by a judge (a different one each time, I believe?). Both the winners and the highly commended receive exposure and Glory!™. Crucially, there’s no pressure: from what I can tell Flash! Friday is all about having fun, getting some feedback and being held accountable for keeping a regular writing schedule. It’s also further supports the argument that Friday is the best day of the week.

If any of this sounds interesting, follow FlashFridayFic or visit their blog.

Also, watch this space: I plan on sharing some forthcoming flash fiction pieces on this blog. I figure it’s about time I subjected you to my fiction. Let the madness ensue.


2 thoughts on “Worth Checking Out: Flash! Friday Micro Fiction Community

    • Ah. Excellent. Thanks for that catch. For variety’s sake, that’s great news.

      So, have you been participating in Flash! Friday for a while? What are your impressions?

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