Flash! Friday #43 Story – ‘The Intervention’

ImageMy response to Flash! Friday’s forty-third prompt (the above picture). One hundred and fifty words was the limit (with a five-word leeway). Enjoy!

* * *

‘The Intervention’ (155 words)

At midday, the aliens arrived in their stealth ships. Suspended above the humans’ nesting ground, the city, they observed man’s arrogance. It was time for an intervention.

* * *

Rubin couldn’t understand it. Flash fires raged in buildings. Explosions sounded. Everywhere he looked, the telltales of destruction licked at his peripheral vision.

He grabbed Jason, his girlfriend’s son. Rubin hated the little shit, but he’d sworn to protect him.

‘Woah,’ Jason exclaimed. ‘A laser!’

‘Kid, we’ve gotta go.’

It all happened so fast. Rubin reached out as Jason began to levitate. He gripped Jason’s ankle and began the invisible tug o’ war.

‘Let go, you big jerk! I wanna see!’

‘It’s not safe!’ Rubin shouted.

‘You’re not my real dad!’

Then it hit Rubin. Jason had been at the root of every one of their fights – including their non-existent sex life. He watched as the invisible current dragged Jason away. This would be best for everyone.


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