Flash! Friday #51 Story – ‘A New Way’

ImageMy response to Flash! Friday’s fifty-first prompt (the above picture). One hundred and fifty words was the limit (with a five-word leeway). I definitely felt constrained by the word limit here. Hadn’t written a flash fiction piece in a while, so I more consider this a shaking off of the cobwebs.

* * *

‘A New Way’ (152 words)

Jed stood, head bowed and palms linked, in the shade of the old Elm. A passing breeze gave him goose pimples. This freshly shaven head would take some getting used to. His attempts at prayer were hopelessly ostentatious. He just couldn’t find meaning in the practice. He raised and lowered his arms, like a bird flapping in slow motion. He smiled, imagining his sleeves were wings.

The sound of a nearby stream inspired him, plunging him into the pretence of meditation. His sister was wrong; he would find inner peace here. But that wasn’t to say it would be easy. He’d misled his new community; he had joined the ranks of the Shaolin with a broken heart – not a clear one. He was also far less disciplined than he’d let on. Already he’d broken his vow to abstain from sex and alcohol. Discipline, he hoped, was something he’d pick up by osmosis.


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