Flash! Friday Vol. 2.2 Story – ‘Snowman on the Lake’

ImageFlash! Friday is now in its second year! This is my response to the second prompt (the above picture) since their anniversary. One hundred and fifty words was the limit (with a ten-word leeway). Enjoy!

* * *

‘Snowman on the Lake’ (160 words)

Claire closed the door with her foot and carried the final box to her car. Michael was waiting, hands in pockets, down by the lake. She secured the box in the back seat and joined him.

‘Hey kiddo.’

Michael looked up. ‘Hey.’

She gestured to the stout, slouching snowman. ‘Who’s your friend?’

Michael shrugged. ‘Mum and I used to build them all the time.’

‘Oh.’ Claire looked out across the lake. She’d never been good with children. ‘Still can’t believe my sister lived on a lake. You know she hated water growing up?’

Michael smiled thinly.

‘This can work,’ she said. ‘You can leave this cold behind, meet some kids your age. Have you ever seen the ocean?’

Michael shook his head.

‘You’ll love it. It’s a whole other world, Australia.’

She held out her hand. Hesitantly, Michael accepted it. They trudged up the snowy path and piled into the car.

Michael’s snowman slowly faded from the rear-view.


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