Flash! Friday Vol. 2.5 Story – ‘The Mission’

ImageFlash! Friday is in its second year! This is my response to the fifth prompt (the above picture) since their anniversary. One hundred and fifty words was the limit (with a ten-word leeway). We were also required to incorporate ‘Time Travel’ into the story, whether literally or otherwise. This week I played with form and voice.

* * *

‘The Mission’ (152 words)

Voice log activated. Time and distance travelled: eleven years, 62,000 miles. Strange. The jumps are getting smaller. Of late, my travel has become almost linear. Fewer extreme shifts; the realities I emerge in seem more and more alike.

Personal note: my vessel appears to match the era. I can visually trace this society’s advancement. Very queer. Perhaps too soon to say, but I sense a pattern emerging. The parameters of my travel don’t seem as random.

I’m passing beneath a tree now — or should that be through it? The trunk is hollow and serves as a tunnel. Oh, the universe and her comedy.

Driven forty-five miles now: can conclude that this period is one of peace. One would be lucky to settle here, to carve out a life and grow old with dignity.

Alas, the key to preventing the universe’s destruction is not here, and so, with haste, we must move on.


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