The Blog Hop: Four Secrets About My Writing Process

Today’s post is part of the Writing Process Blog Hop, which I was invited into by fellow blogger Setsu of KatanaPen. Setsu writes thoughtful posts about the writing and publishing journey, and loves to explore the nature of being an artist. She comes from a martial arts background, and so has many unique experiences to draw from.

Through her musings, Setsu likes to apply martial arts philosophies to writing so that her readership may learn from the parallels. Though immensely talented and dedicated to her craft, Setsu is also one of the kindest and humblest bloggers I’ve encountered. She is very receptive to other bloggers, so I urge you to drop by her blog, follow, check out a few posts and introduce yourself.

(In case this torrent of praise hasn’t made it clear, I think the world of Setsu and regard her as a sort of internet kindred spirit.)

Anyway! As part of the Hop, I’m answering four questions about my personal writing process and then passing the baton to three other bloggers whose blogs you will no doubt enjoy.

* * *

What are you working on?

Many things – too many things! This will make you think less of me:

I’m currently sitting on six or so short stories, each in various stages of completion. On top of these, I have an even dozen requiring further redrafting. I will typically pull these out when I’m hiding from more pressing projects, or if a relevant competition arises.

I’ve thoroughly outlined and put down about 15,000 words of a post-apocalyptic novella – itself just a small entry in a much larger fictional universe I have conceived.

For a class (and for Camp NaNoWriMo), I’m writing a long science fiction short (15,000 words), which, as per the assessment task, will be self-published in late May. Kind of nervous about that one. It’s my first proper dabble in genre-writing and my literal first foray into self-publishing.

Also for a school assessment, I am working on a single-issue digital horror magazine, tentatively titled Macabre Monthly. Then there’s this blog.

How does your work differ from others in the genre?

I’m not sure. Questions like this make me uncomfortable. It differs because it stems from my experience and imagination, which are unique to me. I love tight sentences and rich, complicated characters. I describe my writing as literary fiction, but strive to keep it ‘fun’. I try to avoid writing anything dry or lifeless. Humour (when appropriate), pacing and dialogue are important to me. I love beautiful language, but hate the idea of alienating anyone. I guess you could say I like tackling literary themes with pop fiction sensibilities.

Why do you write what you write?

I write for personal enjoyment, and I write the things I write because the stories I want to read aren’t being told – at least not in the way I want them to be. In my more ambitious stories, I like giving voices to the marginalised.

On a deeper level, I find writing the easiest way to articulate my ideas. I’m a terrible communicator – so much so that many people I work or study with often misunderstand or underestimate me. It can be frustrating when people perceive a correlation between my intelligence and poor communication skills. Consequently, writing feels like the most natural and honest method of expression for me. I find it empowering.

How does your writing process work?

Still working on this. My processes are all over the shop, which is why I seldom see things through to completion. I’m ill-disciplined. I write frequently, but project hop. School and this blog have helped, but I’m hoping to carve out some regular, dedicated writing time. I also need to stop editing as I write.

* * *

Now, I pass the baton to three of my insanely talented writer friends:

Michael Patrick McMullen

Michael is a blogger, freelancer, artist, short story writer and aspiring novelist. His website is all about his projects and the writer’s journey. Phenomenally nice guy. I don’t think he’d object to me calling him a film, sci-fi, horror and video game enthusiast, either.

Vera Callahan

Vera’s a dear friend of mine and her blog, though still in relative infancy, shows huge promise. Vera writes about the writer’s journey. Her brilliant posts stem from her experience as a scriptwriter, film and music buff, editor, and avid YA writer and reader.

Dreaming Fully Awake by Amanda Kontos

Amanda is a recent alumnus from my Writing and Publishing course. (Weirdly, because we were in different years, we’ve hardly spent any time together in person, but have become good blogging pals!) Amanda is an absolute workhorse. Not only is she a hugely dedicated prolific writer, but she also fearlessly applies for every opportunity that comes her way. I greatly admire her work ethic, and her blog – which is choc-full of great writing-related content – is well worth checking out!


2 thoughts on “The Blog Hop: Four Secrets About My Writing Process

  1. Oh my goodness! Blush blush! I’m so happy you threw your hat in the ring, and I’ll definitely check out the other blogs!

    Side note, if you’d like feedback shoot me an E-mail. I’d love to swap.

  2. Oh wow! I just saw this. Wow. Thank you. I’ve never been been called prolific, I feel a little blushy! I know what my post tomorrow is going to be!

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