Flash! Friday Vol. 2–17 Story – ‘Miko Island’

fire-breathers-singaporeThis is my response to Flash! Friday‘s seventeeth prompt (the above picture) since their anniversary. One hundred and fifty words was the limit (with a ten-word leeway). The secondary theme which had to be incorporated was ‘Friendship’. I wanted a break from fantasy this week, so have opted for something a little more grounded.

* * *

‘Miko Island’ (160 words)

On Saturday night, Kyle brought me to Miko Island to see the fire breathers. I remember pushing through a sea of half-naked teenagers, wondering if I was the only divorcee in attendance. Could they smell it on me?

We drank in the moonlight, trading non sequiturs with Kyle’s stoner friends. My discomfort metre was peaking.

Kyle led me across the dunes towards a distant bonfire.

‘I don’t know about this …’

My words scattered on the wind, lost in the dissonance of club beats and bongo drumming.

‘I know!’ Kyle shouted. ‘Isn’t it great?’

We emerged, centre stage, and were absorbed by the throbbing mass of skin, sweat and glow sticks. The air was charged. David had never brought me anywhere like this.

The fire breathers, on a raised mound, moved like flowing water. They were the beating heart. Their flames surged, like beacons opening the night.

We cheered, lost in the majesty.

Hands linked, Kyle and I began to dance.


2 thoughts on “Flash! Friday Vol. 2–17 Story – ‘Miko Island’

  1. Beautiful! I love the atmosphere your strong verbs painted. It felt like I was literally on the beach with the characters. Plus you told us a lot about your protagonist through cues rather than telling so well done! I only wish we knew what Kyle means to this person. The scene would have a different connotation if Kyle is the brother or the lover or best friend.

    • Ah, thanks! But you’re too kind. This is average at best, and I’m not being modest. I’m out of practice with flash; the word restriction chewed me up and spat me out!

      I imagine Kyle was some sort of younger coworker, but you’re right that it’s not apparent in the text. Whether or not he’s a lover was left intentionally ambiguous.

      Thanks for reading!

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