Short Story: ‘Australia’

Just a heads-up that my short story, ‘Australia’, has been published in the inaugural issue of The Literary Nest. It’s a fictionalised account of my migration to Australia and is written in a child’s point of view (a rarity for me). Check it out here, if you’re interested.

Edit: Story was originally written with unpunctuated dialogue (ala Cormac McCarthy). With my permission, the journal’s editor has inserted quotation marks, but – Diva Tom alert – I’ve just noticed her efforts were somewhat haphazard. So, yeah, there are minor formatting issues. I’m aware, but not responsible. Enjoy! </anal-retentiveness>


3 thoughts on “Short Story: ‘Australia’

  1. Congratulations Tom! A most enjoyable story, loved the “Auntie is there giving Emily milk from her booby” line haha, oh the simple bliss of childhood when a booby is just a booby!

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