Published Work

Follow these links to check out some of my published writing!


ReadFin Issue One, June 2018


The Literary Nest Issue One, January 2015


Page Seventeen Issue Eleven, November 2014

Advocate Resumes, November 2014

Writer’s Edit, May 2014


Crack the Spine Issue Ninety, November 2013

  • ‘The Matador and the Bull’

From the Course’s Mouth Issue Four, October 2013 (Spoken Word)

INfusion 47, Summer 2012 (Print)


[untitled] Issue Five, January 2012

Vine Leaves Literary Journal Issue Three, July 2012

Best of Vine Leaves Literary Journal 2012, December 2012

n-Scribe Issue Seven, December 2012

'Nostalgia Coast' – n-Scribe Issue Seven. <br>Image by Emma Wiesenekker.</br>

‘Nostalgia Coast’ – n-Scribe Issue Seven. Image by Emma Wiesenekker.

3 thoughts on “Published Work

  1. Just read “The Wall’ (my interest was piqued because I recently submitted to Crack the Spine and received a personal rejection, so I’ve been thinking about what would appeal to them more). Anyway this story is great! You really surprised me with the end and I just loved that dark twist. Reminds me of Poe’s “The Cask of Amontillado.”

    • Thanks! High accolades indeed! I’m so chuffed you took the time to read what is perhaps my most inaccessible story (in terms of its nonlinear narrative and the fact that, with Crack the Spine‘s PDF format, it’s impossible to directly link to it). Really appreciate it.

      Personalised rejections are rare, so they must have really valued your submission to take the time. I’ve found Crack the Spine publishes some fairly eclectic stuff, so it’s hard to advise on what they’re looking for. Good luck if you choose to submit again, though (and, by all means, you should!).

      Since I noticed you write flash, one of my favourite online journals is The Molotov Cocktail ( They publish punchy, relentlessly quirky stuff from all over the world. Might appeal to you. (I’ve yet to submit there, but intend to.)

      Is any of your fiction available to read online?

      • It’s accessible and it’s awesome. You manage to create a subtle yet honest and heartbreaking depiction of family relationships — while being creepy no less. 🙂 I will say Crack the Spine does make it a little difficult to read the archives. Anyway, I think I’m just going to have go for it again and throw something new their way.

        Funny you mention The Molotov Cocktail; they accepted one of my flash pieces in April! If you want to check it out, it’s here:

        So far, I’ve really only had success getting flash fiction accepted (I did have one long story accepted last year, but the journal that accepted it is now defunct, unfortunately). Gravel published one of my stories earlier this year and Saturday Night Reader is supposed to publish another one later this month.

        The Gravel piece if you’re interested:

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