Poké Sketches



I’ve always loved drawing and regret that I’ve rarely made time for it. I’m now looking to make it a regular practice, so have decided to draw and share every single Pokémon here on this blog. I realise this is trés juvenile, and possibly a waste of time, but at the moment I’m completely disillusioned with everything to do with writing – including author platforms and the idea of presenting a ‘serious literary front’.

I apologise if you enjoyed some of my past writing articles and would prefer I recount speaker talks at the Melbourne Writers Festival or whatever, but at present I can’t bring myself to care. (Thinking about the publishing industry, beyond my small role in it, is making me slump in my chair and melt all over the floor.)

I’m tired of this blog being a machination, something that exists to bolster my ‘profile’, and I’m tired of bullshit self-imposed pressure. I don’t want to update for the sake of momentum, or have opinions on topical things, or worry that I’m misusing the platform (writing too much about A when I want to hit you with some motherfucking B). My interests have changed. This project represents wresting back control and having some god-damn fun for once!

So, the project. There’s no agenda; I’m not trying to weasel into the art world or anything (like they’d even have me). I’m just hoping to exercise my creativity and become more disciplined. Hopefully this will have a flow-on effect in other areas of my life. I’d like to improve at drawing and amass a body of artwork, which I’ve never had before. Other than doodles at uni, I draw at a rate of a picture every three years. I’ve never approached the hobby with any consistency, so I’d like to see what effect (if any) regular practice will have. It’ll be a chance to experiment with different art styles, and it’ll be something that’s entirely for me (as my day job entails editing others’ writing and writing content in accordance with others’ briefs).

I’m not going to draw these in the order they’re presented in the Pokédex. That would feel too regimented, which is precisely what I don’t want. (Plus I’d tire of the Kanto critters in, like, five minutes.) I don’t want to place boundaries around this project and fall out of love with drawing, like I’ve inadvertently done with writing. I want this project to be loose, fun and free. That said, I still want to push myself and not fall into the trap of just drawing my favourites, so please send through your suggestions!

There you have it: one lofty-as-fuck rationale (par for the course with me). I’ve started with my Gen 1 starter of choice, Bulbasaur.

Which Pokémon would you like to see next? Let me know!