My Favourite Music of 2013

One thing that sucks about no longer having a Facebook page is that I can’t share my annual list of favourite music. Then it occurred to me: hang on, dickhead! You’re a super serious blogger now! You can share all them opinions you have! (I got lots. Seriously, it’s a veritable weed infestation up in here.) Strictly speaking, this post isn’t about literature. I’m sure you gathered that by the title. I decided not to hamfistedly relate any of this back to the writer’s journey, or talk about inspiration, or any of that crap. Frankly, I think we’re past all that.

Been a pretty good year for music, at least as I see it. Much as people like to mourn the apparent death of good music, I’m still finding artists who excite me on a regular basis. People like to act like there’s a finite amount of good music out there, but in my experience that just isn’t so. All you need to find it is an open mind and a willingness to research.

I went to like ten shows this year. Pretty good, I think, for a casual fan on a student wage. Even had this crazy streak going for awhile where I didn’t once double-up on any of Melbourne’s music venues. I think that’s a testament to the great music culture in this city.

This year I continued to educate myself on all the great music of yesterday. I also took several brief respites from rock (my genre of choice) — although my most-played newly discovered artists, The Antlers, The Dears and Dan Sultan, weren’t far from my comfort zone. Curiously, I didn’t listen to a lot of folk or alt. country this year. I guess those genres and I needed some time apart. It’s cool, though; I found other avenues for mopey music. Maybe next year, alt. country. Been listening to a lot of Soulive lately. They’re a jazz organ trio. The album I have (Doin’ Something) is ineligible for this year’s list, but it deserves some love, so check it out. Continue reading